Nrn woolworths accused of bullying suppliers, custodia cover samsung including the owner of the largest supplier, samsung hoesje and saying it is against standards for a bank to be involved.

Catherine Downie, custodia samsung director of the Woolworths and Allied Clothiers’ Association, custodia iphone said the company’s actions represented an “un더킹카지노acceptable level of intimidation”.

Ms Downie said: “Woolworths’s own guidelines are designed to prevent the use of coercion by its suppliers.

“We have made clear to them that the actions they have taken are unacceptable. custodia cover iphone Our member banks have더킹카지노 been notified of this as well.

“Woolworths’s own independent financial and accounting bodies will soon have the opportunity to lo바카라ok again at whether their actions were appropriate.”

She said she expected the FSA to take an independent view into Woolworths’s actions but urged all bank’s to be “very careful when dealing with suppliers to minimise the risk”.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Department for Business said the bank would not comment until it had been made aware of the FSA’s concerns,