Benefits for becoming a T.T.A.R.P. Member

  • Attractive Discounts- Many community businesses offer special discounts and savings to T.T.A.R.P. members.  Discounts are provided in banking, insurance and medical services, pharmacies, dental and optical care, travel, supermarkets, retail stores, automotive products and services and many more.


  • Hospitalisation Assistance Plant- A unique hospitalisation plan administered by M&M Insurance Services Limited is offered to all T.T.A.R.P. members.


  • Active Lobbying Group- T.T.A.R.P.'s National Issues Committee makes representation to the government on issues pertaining to health, security, financial (income, taxes), education, social and other matters.


  • Golden Term Insurance to Age 100 (Death Benefit)- A one of a kind term insurance plan specifically designed for members between the ages of 50-85 years.


  • Social Activities- Friendship gatherings, luncheon, outdoor activities, tours, meetings, seminars and other functions are scheduled to enable  members to remain active and to socialize with each other.


  • Subscription to T.T.A.R.P. 050Q- T.T.A.R.P. produces a quarterly magazine, which is mailed to each member's household.  It contains information on upcoming events, health issues, financial tips, national insurance benefits, feature articles, recipes, etc.


  • Voluntary Services / Employment- T.T.A.R.P. administers a database which potential employers can use to find suitably qualified mature persons for paid or voluntary employment.


  • Reciprocal Membership- T.T.A.R.P. members traveling to Barbados will be referred to the relevant overseas association of retired person, which in turn, will issue a temporary membership card.  This will allow the T.T.A.R.P. member to obtain the same benefits as members.