Tobago West Zone came out of our parent body and was formed by Mrs. Monica Samuel in September of 2001.  She originally joined the organisation while residing in Trinidad, but on her return to Tobago found it very difficult to return to Trinidad for meetings.  She began the formation of the Tobago Zone in a male dominated group and found the going very difficult but persisted with her goals and brought it to a fruit filled organisation which can now boast of some six (6) hundred members.  

Tobago Zone members gather at the Happy Heaven School in Signal Hill every 2nd Saturday of each month from 3 pm to 5 pm for our monthly meetings.


1) To live and care for others

2) To act kindly to one another in thoughts, words and deeds

3) To be kind, fair and compassionate, trustworthy and honest

4) To assist those in need and uphold good morals as people of integrity

5) to obtain attractive discounts for goods and services from our business community

6) Let us not be petty fault-finders or critics.  Fault-finders are never fault-minders.  Instead, let our criticism be always constructive, as responsible people should be instead of being distractive.  As responsible members of TTARP one must be committed to make their association respectable and lovable so that others would want to join us.

Always remember: Let everything be done decently and in order


Executive Committee:

President Selby Cole 639-8335
Vice President Geoffrey Lewis 752-8992
Secretary Roma  Guiland 639-1485
Asst Secretary Paul Goddard 639-9985
Treasurer Auldith Barry 639-7403
Asst Treasurer Miriam Edwards 750-9351
Public Relations Officer Renison Moore 759-9949


Trustee Joan Braithwaite 639-9441
Trustee Miriam Noel 639-4103